Son of a missionary, and fourth generation preacher, preaching is in my blood. A Texan by birth but an Irishman by experience. I was born in small-town north Texas but grew up in Bangor Northern Ireland. yes, my accent is confusing.

From the age of ten, I have lived in Bangor. My father, Colin Graham has been serving as a missionary here for nearly two decades. I was blessed to grow up in a beautiful country and I am very fond of its people and places.

God gave me a beautiful wife – Amie – and two fantastic kids – Lincoln and Scarlett. I am a graduate of the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies.

With a population of over 2 million people and only five congregations totaling about 150 people, Northern Ireland is a mission field. The people of Ireland have become very secular over the years, disenchanted by half a century of “religious violence.” Many people associate Christianity with intolerance and bigotry, exactly what the beautiful message of Christ is not.

We have a strong congregation of the Lord’s people in Bangor, and we are working very hard with the community to re-establish the simple message of salvation. The people desperately need the Gospel, and that’s the plan.

My father has been working hard in Bangor for 18 years, and we are counting the days until we get back to work, grow, and strengthen the church in Northern Ireland.

Soli Deo gloria



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