Truth That Fits

“When the mind's eye rests on objects illuminated by truth and reality, it understands and comprehends them, and functions intelligently; but when it turns to the twilight world of change and decay, it can only form opinions, its vision is confused and its beliefs shifting, and it seems to lack intelligence” (Plato). Never in the ages... Continue Reading →


Inspirational Design

The book of Daniel is an intriguing feat of literary design and function. It has long been the favorite of Bible class teachers and is the oft picked theme of VBSs. Its narrative in chapters 1-6 is exciting and compelling; perfect for keeping the attention of the kids, yet still imparting valuable life lessons to... Continue Reading →

Standing in the Breach

For some time, I have felt a great disappointment with my generation. Each has its problems, but I feel like this generation has forced the floodgates open when it comes to the devolution of morality. I remember when kids would not graffiti a church or swear in front of an old lady. It seems Paul’s... Continue Reading →


You would think moving from America to Ireland would be the pinnacle of excitement and adventure for a ten-year-old boy. That’s what I thought. I think shocking and unnatural better describes the experience. Social norms, language, culture, food, weather and school all flipped upside down. I had no friends and was not socially affluent or... Continue Reading →

Fixing the Compass

So many in the scientific world approach every demonstration of the extraordinary or attempt to explain reality with a predetermined hermeneutic of suspicion. This can but inevitably yield inequitable results. Whether subscription to divine creation or spontaneous generation, reality attests to man’s power to reason. To counter every dispute by affirming the impossibility of creative... Continue Reading →

An Ode to the Missionary

The preacher's mind might be easily wearied. The heart of a servant may always be aching, and the feet of a minister are always ready to rest. But God’s missionary, in the white fields of an ever-blooming harvest, while he longs for a better country, a heavenly one, he settles for a receptive heart and... Continue Reading →

A Church in the Rough

If you are lucky enough to be married, you will be wearing a wedding ring. The band will be gold or platinum or another precious metal. If you are a wife, you will have set as the center piece of your ring, a small, rare, expensive, and hard to manipulate stone called a diamond. At... Continue Reading →

The Hammer that Split the Church

Golden leaves whirl and twist as they descend upon the wet grass. A cool breeze from the north reminds the trees that winter is only a moment away. The first signs of Fall are here, and the last vestiges of a bountiful Summer are disappearing. As life leaves the green trees, the decorous yet somber... Continue Reading →

Strength in numbers

On a blustery, overcast morning, standing in a cold, Irish field, three big men stand shoulder to shoulder with their arms locked and they bend ninety degrees looking at three equally large men in like formation. Two more, almost as big as the first, step behind them and take hold of the legs of the... Continue Reading →

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